SUPRA is a private owned company, founded in 1987, as the final development of a process initiated long before by the father of the current owners, who produced cork stoppers since the fifties of the last century.

Cork and everything related with cork is therefore an unmistakable part of the company's genetic imprint.

Here at SUPRA we combine innovative manufacturing equipment, state-of-the-art production methods, a trustful and long-experienced working team, constant research for new solutions, methods and designs, in order to provide our clients with the best they can get from cork.

Cost-effective, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, customer satisfaction and the desire of always performing better are part of our history. SUPRA’s wide range of products is present in more than twenty different countries, in the five continents.

To our clients, who understood we were the ultimate solution for their needs, we must say “thank you for your trust”. To you, who still don’t know us, come and get a better idea about what is possible to do with cork.